Rock Salt 1000 gr

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200 TL Üzeri Ücretsiz Kargo
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Stok Durumu: Stokta Var
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  • What is Rock Salt?

    Rock salt which the mineral form of sodium chloride. There are 84 minerals in the content of rock salt, and it is necessary to be taken into the human body. Salt, one of our essential nutrients, is an important food source for human health. On the other hand, rock salt is the name given to the unprocessed natural state of salt. Hayfene's popular product does not contain any additives.

    Where to use Rock Salt?

    Rock salt, which has a very wide consumption area, is frequently used in foodstuffs, bread, and meals. At the same time, it allows storing vegetables, fish, and meat for a long time by salting method. Rock salt is also used to produce ice, margarine, and butter.

    How to use Rock Salt?

    It will be sufficient to use crystal rock salt in your meals and salads as half of the salt you usually use. Again, in terms of minerals, adding salt after your meal is cooked would be more correct. It is an effective salt in terms of taste. Especially in the salad you use, you will feel the crystal rock salt flavor of the salad.

    Favorite Recipes

    • Pickled lemon,
    • Sourdough bread,
    • Bay leaf fish in the oven,
    • Sautéed meat.
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