Sultan Tea 1000 gr

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  • What is Sultan Tea?

    The tea, which was served to sultans and politicians during the Ottoman Empire, takes its name from this event. It is also known as winter tea and is famous for playing a vital role in a robust immune system. Sultan Tea, produced by Hayfene by natural means, will be your best companion, especially in winter.

    Where to use Sultan Tea?

    Also known as winter tea, Sultan Tea is indispensable for cold weather with six ingredients: ceylon tea, green cardamom, pomegranate flower, orange peel, rosehip, and jasmine flower. With the help of a thermos, you can consume this tea at home, at school, at work, during travel, or wherever you want.

    How to use Sultan Tea?

    A glass of heated water and Hayfene's Sultan Tea will be enough for you. Do you want a bitter aftertaste or a sweeter taste first? This selection can change your tea heating time. The boiling time recommended by Hayfene for Sultan Tea is 5 minutes in total. However, you can increase this time lower or higher according to you. You can also consume Sultan Tea by straining it after brewing.

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