Vanilla Extract 20 ml - 2 Piece Set

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  • What is Vanilla Extract?

    Vanilla Extract is very popular all over the world. It is obtained from a plant that grows in hot countries. It is primarily used to give a pleasant aroma to sweets. At the same time, it provides a pleasant smell by suppressing the sharp smell of the egg in the dessert. Vanilla Extract contains vegetable glycerin, water, and vanilla. Apart from the Extract, powder and stick forms are also popular. The most reliable address for vanilla is Hayfene. Hayfene finds the highest quality materials and combines them in the most natural ways.

    Where to use Vanilla Extract?

    You can use vanilla extract to make desserts. You can use it in cakes, mainly since it contains eggs. In addition, it is the number one element of ice cream and dairy desserts. It is also helpful to use popular flavors such as tahini halva, chocolate, and boza. The vanilla flavor is also very suitable for coffee.

    How to use Vanilla Extract?

    Using vanilla in desserts is quite simple. But as always, the dosage is essential. If you add more vanilla than necessary, the vanilla flavor will dominate. For pudding, one tablespoon of Extract is sufficient. In milk desserts, it is better to add the Extract last. You can also add the same amount of Extract to the cake batter. You can get a great taste by dripping one drop of Extract into your filter coffee or espresso-based coffee.

    Favorite Recipes

    • Vanilla Donuts,
    • Vanilla Pudding,
    • Vanilla Cake.
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