Cajun Spice 40 gr - 2 Piece Set

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  • What is Cajun Spice?

    The main roots of this condiment, which is widely used in American cuisine, are based in Africa. Today, it is consumed fondly in a wide geography from Far East and Asian cuisine to South America. Chicken and potato dishes come first with cajun sauce or cajun spice. Cajun spice is also known as potato spice because it suits potatoes very well.

    Where to use Cajun Spice?

    Cajun spice, which instantly enhances the flavor of sauces and salads, contains mild paprika, garlic, oregano, black pepper, sea salt. Cajun spice is a seasoning used in salads and sauces. It goes well with potatoes and chicken, too. It is used in grills, fish, meat, and chicken dishes. Cajun spice has a dominant flavor reminiscent of curry.

    How to use Cajun Spice?

    The benefits of cajun spice are antipyretic, antioxidant, immune booster, and reduce indigestion and gas complaints. You can sprinkle the cajun spice on the meat as if you are salting it, or you can marinate the meats with this seasoning. You can mix the Cajun seasoning with olive oil and spread it on the chicken or potatoes. You can also marinate meats with cajun seasoning.

    Favorite Recipes

    • Cajun-spiced French fries,
    • Cajun spiced chicken thigh,
    • Cajun Spicy Shrimp Fettucine,
    • Cajun Spicy Seafood.


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