Turmeric Powder 60 gr - 2 Piece Set

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  • What is Turmeric?

    Turmeric is a herbaceous plant species belonging to the ginger family, with yellow or purplish-pink flowers and dark green leaves. It is a tropical climate product, and its homeland is eastern India. Thus, it is an indispensable ingredient in Indian cuisine. It also grows in China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is consumed in many ways. For example, dry or fresh turmeric root is also common besides the ground form. Hayfene is the right place to buy spices because Hayfene gets it without the irradiation method. Thus, all herbs are natural and healthy.

    Where to use Turmeric?

    Turmeric is indispensable for many. It is suitable for meat dishes, soups, salad sauces, pasta sauces. If the taste is not for you, you can add a teaspoon of the spice to warm water, milk, or yogurt and consume it. Also, it is used as a food coloring. Moreover, it is an essential ingredient in perfumes because it has a pleasant odor.

    How to use Turmeric?

    Since it is a strong spice, it is helpful to use it by controlling its taste. To prepare turmeric tea, add one teaspoon of the spice to two glasses of boiling water and wait 9-10 minutes to brew. If you don't like the taste, you can add honey or lemon.

    Favorite Recipes

    Golden Onion and Spring Veg Pilaf

    Garlic and Black Pepper Chicken Curry

    Panch Phoron Fish Curry in Pineapple and Coconut Sauce

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