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Cocoa Butter 300 gr - 2 Piece Set

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  • What is Cocoa Butter?

    Cocoa butter is a soluble oil that is obtained from cocoa beans. It is an essential ingredient in chocolates. The natural habitat of cocoa is South America, West Africa, and West Indies. The butter has a slight odor and smooth structure. Thus, it is also a trendy ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Hayfene is the best address for getting the butter because it obtains the butter with the cold press method. It brings natural and healthy cocoa butter to your board.

    Where to use Cocoa Butter?

    It is suitable for desserts and drinks such as smoothies and hot chocolate. You can use it when you make cookies, cake, or bars. It gives an excellent savor to desserts. The butter is indispensable for chocolates. That's why, if you like homemade chocolates, use the butter for your chocolate. It is popular in the cosmetic industry. Some creams, body lotions, lip balms, or makeup products contain it because it moisturizes the skin.

    How to use Cocoa Butter?

    Firstly, if you wonder, "Is cocoa butter vegan?" you can relax. The natural butter is vegan. When it comes to the butter use, it is simple. You can melt it by adding it to smoothies. Just stir it into hot chocolate to make it richer. Storage conditions are another essential side. It would be best to keep it in a cold and dark place.

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